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Title Loans: The Fast Lane to Financial Relief

Do you ever feel like you’re trapped in the slow lane when it comes to surviving off of a small budget that you’ve created for yourself? A budget that doesn’t allow for any surprise costs to arise because you simply can’t handle another cost? Even if all of your number crunching, your careful use of electronics in your home to keep your power bill low, you might still only have $400 in savings to deal with an emergency. Sadly, this is the case for most working adults in the country who only have a couple of hundred dollars tucked away to handle any surprise cost. This means that when an emergency hits, many might struggle to make this reservoir of cash last.

If this sounds all too familiar, don’t worry. Many people find themselves in financially tight situations from time to time. Between the variety of difficulties, we face each day, finding fast financial relief shouldn’t be difficult, which is where title loans come in. If you’re wondering how to find some of the fastest loans on the market, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to learn how you can find fast cash in Illinois.

What Is A Title Loan?

First thing is first – you have to know what a title loan is before you understand how the process works. Title loans are a fast, short term loan that leverages the value of your car to secure a loan. Depending on the state of your car, you can receive up to $4,000 for your title loan and, because these loans are based on your car, your credit score doesn’t matter. It won’t be taken into consideration, meaning that, even with an average, bad, or even nonexistent score, you can be approved.

Sounds simple right? At this point, you’re probably thinking this sounds too good to be true. The good news is you’re wrong. Here’s why the process is so simple and straightforward.

Why Title Loans Are Fast

One of the main selling points for title loans is their speed and convenience. When you’re facing an emergency situation the last thing you want to worry about is a long application process followed by a long deliberation to determine your eligibility. While other, more traditional loans are often come with a collection of hoops for you to jump through, our application process can take as little as thirty minutes in its entirety, making them a lightning-fast option comparatively speaking. Here’s why they’re so fast:

We Serve Many Locations

For starters, we make sure you’re never far from a store location when you’re facing a financial dilemma. Serving several locations throughout the state of Illinois, our fast application process is accessible by anyone and can be started online. If you’re curious about what locations we serve, check out our Locations Page!

Our Online Form

Another factor that contributes to the speed and ease of use of title loans is that, while you can’t get one online, you can start the process there. In the case of our site, an aspiring title loan applicant just has to fill out the easy form at the top of the screen to get started. After hitting submit, one of our many friendly representatives will give them a call to make sure that they understand the process and what they can expect. You’ll receive your car shortly after hitting submit so make sure you have your phone near you!

Direct Deposit

Another reason why title loans are as fast as they as is due to the loan money being deposited directly into your account once you’re approved. There’s no waiting on snail mail to deliver a check to your mailbox. Once you’ve filled out the paperwork after being approved, those funds will be deposited into your bank account and you’ll be able to handle whatever emergency you’re facing.


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How to Apply for A Title Loan

If after reading the above information and you’ve been convinced to take out one of these fast loans yourself, the process can be started immediately by clicking over to the Illinois Title Loans, Inc. Homepage. There you’ll start by filling out a short online form that will submit your information for one of our many friendly representatives who will contact you to set up a face to face meeting during the time and on the day of your choosing. Remember, if you want fast financial relief, you’ll want to schedule this meeting sooner rather than later. During this phone call, you’ll also be informed of what items you need to bring with you during the face-to-face meeting. These items include:

  • Your driver’s license or valid I.D.
  • The title to your vehicle that you own
  • A blank check to your bank account
  • Your vehicle for inspection

Once the representative records this information, they will conduct a brief inspection of your vehicle during which they will take note of the year, make, model, and condition. This information will help to determine how much you’ll receive for your fast title loan. The process is that simple and straightforward so what are you waiting for? Start your application today and get out of that slow lane you’ve been trapped in.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.
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