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14 Stylish Holiday Gifts that are All Under $20

Are you on a tight holiday budget? Here are some very affordable gift ideas you should try out. They range from practical to pretty, classy to quirky, sophisticated to sentimental. But they all have one thing in common; they’re all cheap and your family and friends will love them!

14 Fun Holiday Gifts for Less Than $20

Cute Socks

Everyone appreciates a cozy, high quality pair of socks — especially if they have a unique design. Nowadays, you can find socks in every color and pattern. You can also find some with characters from comic books or movies. And also Korean and Hollywood stars, animal prints, and more.

Potted Plant

Aside from beautifying their home, some cultures believe that plants can clean the energy of a room. Shake away all the bad vibes from 2020, and welcome 2021 with a fresh start.

Large Photo Print Of A Special Memory

Celebrate a special moment in your friendship or relationship. Pick a favorite photo and have it professionally printed on archival art paper or canvas.

Sheet Masks

You can actually find plenty of sheet masks that cost just $1, and some stores will have 10 for $10 deals. Buy a whole bunch for a friend or two—and while you’re at it, buy some for yourself.

Prints And Illustrations

Go on Etsy and you’ll find artists who sell prints for as low as $15. Aside from getting a great holiday gift at a low price, you’re also helping out local artists. It’s a win/win!

Personalized Notecards

Actually, any set of notecards will be appreciated — you’ll find a wide range of designs that can match your friend’s taste and personality. But if you order ahead, you can get notecards personalized. These sites also usually offer personalized calendars or notebooks too, so check out all their items.

DIY Beauty Products

For just a few dollars, you can buy the ingredients to make a huge batch of homemade hand and body scrubs that you can give to family and friends. Just put them in mason jars and add a sticker label and a ribbon. Guarantee they will look just as pretty as the ones from luxury stores.

Homemade Cookies

Everybody loves cookies. There’s no such thing as having too many during the holidays. So if you know how to bake, then send your loved one some freshly baked holiday cookies.

Milk Frother

It’s one of those kitchen gadgets that nobody thinks to buy but is actually fun to use. Give it to a friend who loves coffee, and he can make himself a cappuccino any time he wants. And, it’s only about $10!

Pretty Eco Bag

A big bag for groceries and other packages will always come in handy! Pick from different designs and materials. Some of them can also be folded up and buttoned, while others will have insulated lining to hold wet goods.

A Loaf Of Homemade Bread

Aside from being really cheap to make – all you really need is flour, yeast, and salt – your house will smell of freshly baked bread.

Specialty Coffee Or Tea

You’ll find plenty of these sets online! Pick a kit with different flavors. If you’re willing to spend a bit more, you can also sign them up for a few months of a coffee or tea club, and they will get a kit every month.

Mini Diffusers

These tiny aromatherapy diffusers can be placed on a work table, bathroom counter, or kitchen to fill the area with lovely scents. Some of them even come with a small bottle of essential oil.


Journaling can be a great stress reliever for many people. Give someone a pretty journal where they can keep their dreams, affirmations and experiences for the new year.

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