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How to Enjoy Life More and Focus on What Really Matters

Today more than ever people struggle with stress and anxiety. And while a lot of it has something to do with a once-in-a-hundred-year pandemic that has upended our entire way of life – a vast majority of people had been struggling with high levels of stress long before Covid-19 hit.

And the #1 thing people stress about? Finances.

Money can’t buy happiness – that is true and we’ll touch upon it below in this article – but money can sure buy us safety and security. And being happy is much easier when you’re feeling safe and secure.

So, when asking yourself how to enjoy life and why you can’t focus on what should really matter (family and friends, experiences, making memories, simply living stress-free) – you need to ask yourself “what makes me stress”.

The answer is, likely, money.

How to Enjoy Life: Step-by-Step No-Stress Financial Guide

Step One: Start Budgeting

There’s no better tool in learning how to enjoy life than learning how to budget your money. Take a careful look at your spending and you’ll find that there’s always something you’re overspending on. The culprit might be something as innocuous as groceries – when you buy more than you need, when you buy things you don’t need, when you buy name brands instead of generics.

Remember: budget is not a punishment. It’s supposed to help. You don’t need to be ascetic while setting up your budget. It’s okay to include money for fun but be vigilant: include the amount that won’t hurt your budget much.

Step Two: Set Up an Emergency Fund

While opinions about how much money you need to be keeping in your emergency fund diverge among financial experts, the majority agree that it should be enough to comfortably cover between 3 and 6 months’ worth of your expenses.

Close your eyes and imagine you’ve just been fired. How would that make you feel?

For the absolute majority of Americans that would mean financial ruin. But having an emergency fund gives you a safety cushion to fall back on. Knowing how to enjoy life includes having a well-funded emergency fund, something that gives you a safety cushion, something that can hold you comfortable until you find another job.

Step Three: Take Care of Your Debt

Debt can be a major source of stress these days. Not only does it take a significant chunk of your paycheck monthly, but it can be financially ruinous if you suddenly aren’t able to pay it. So, if you are eager to learn how to enjoy life, consider taking care of your debt.

Since “debt-free lifestyle” has gained momentum in recent years, there are now multiple methods you could learn to get rid of debt: try snowball or avalanche method, or maybe have your debt consolidated, so that you can put a single payment towards in each month and put what’s freed up towards savings.

Just make sure not to be haste with your decision – compare and contrast what each of the methods offers you and make a decision you know you’ll be able to stick with.

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Step Four: Downsize

Just because you have the money doesn’t mean you should be spending it – and that’s the key to financial prosperity and learning how to enjoy life.

Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck – and what’s interesting about this phenomenon is that their incomes differ wildly. Suddenly having more income doesn’t mean you’ll automatically be more financially secure.

Pour over your finances and figure out where you can cut spending without harm – maybe switch to a cheaper car, or cut subscriptions and memberships, or switch your rental and move in with a roommate.

Having to spend less each month on necessities can cut down on stress levels dramatically.

What Do I Do if I Don’t Have an Emergency Fund?

You can find yourself in a financial pinch if your emergency fund isn’t in place yet – and that can be a source of financial stress as well. Weigh your options: if the problem is urgent, you may need to take out a title loan.

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Feeling complacent and knowing how to enjoy life starts with ensuring your personal financial security. This is the way things work in the modern world. So, follow these guidelines to feel financially secure- and you will become content with life when times are tough.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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