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Best Road Trip Destinations

Illinois means “men/ warriors” in Algonquin and was discovered in 1673. Bordered by three great water bodies, such as the Mississippi, the Wabash, and Lake Michigan, Illinois is a treasure trove of places to visit on your road trip.

Great Road Trip Destinations You Have To Check Out

The best road trip destinations in Illinois include the Shawnee National Forrest, the Andersen Japanese Gardens, and Starved Rock State Park. Don’t forget about traveling the iconic route 66 on your road trip to incomparable Illinois.

Here are the best destinations for a wonderful road trip:

  • Shawnee National Forest In Southern Illinois
  • Anderson Japanese Gardens In Rockford, Illinois
  • Starved Rock State Park
  • Route 66

Shawnee National Forest In Southern Illinois

Host to the world’s most scenic drives in fall, the Shawnee National Forest is breathtaking when the oaks, sugar maple, and American Beech shrug off their kaleidoscope of colors. You may visit the sad historic site of the trail of tears and discover parts of the underground railway in the forest itself.

Visit the iconic camel rock and Bell Smith springs. And enjoy a hike alongside these streams and canyons on a seven-mile interconnected hike.

Anderson Japanese Gardens In Rockford, Illinois

Stones, plants, and water are the enchanting Anderson Japanese Gardens’ base elements in Rockford, Illinois. The interplay of elements and seasonal colors are enhanced by pagodas, stone lanterns, and brilliant hued koi swimming dreamily in the ponds. A visual feast, this garden is a must-see on your road trip to inspire you with wonder.

Starved Rock State Park

Starved Rock State Park boasts a history of human settlement. It can actually be traced back to 8000BC and is one of Illinois’s iconic destinations. The 18 canyons embedded in the 13 miles of spectacular trails will awe you with their moss-covered faces; resplendent with an abundance of waterfalls and springs.

Route 66

Blaze a trail along the ‘Mother Road,’ Route 66. This is a must-drive location between Chicago and Los Angeles. Visit the Route 66 museum or a host of quaint and quirky stops along this famous route.

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road trip destinations


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Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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