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Save on Traveling this Holiday with These Tips

December 7, 2018 | By Mason Roberts

Everyone knows that the holiday season means spending time with family, shopping, and having a holiday dinner. It's a time to enjoy one another’s company, and really show the people in your lives how much you appreciate them. Although Christmas is a happy time, it comes with a downside: cold weather. Many of us dream about being on a tropical island somewhere for the holidays. Why not make this a reality? Have you always wanted to travel for the holidays, but didn’t think you could afford it? If so, here are some ways to save on traveling this Christmas.

Start Saving & Cut Back

If you have decided that you would like to go on vacation for the holidays, the first step is to start saving. This is the most important way to make your dream vacay, a reality. Start by placing money from each paycheck into your savings account. You can also choose non-essentials that you spend money on to cut back. For example, try to make your coffee at home before work, rather than stopping at Starbucks on the way. You can also pack a lunch instead of going out to eat. Although they seem small, over the course of a few months, these tips will put a chunk of change back into your pocket.

Use a Travel Site

The biggest expenses in traveling are the flight and hotel. It can be very expensive, especially depending on where you are choosing to travel. However, there are many websites to help you along with the process. Some sites to help you find cheap deals and bundle options are Kayak and Trivago. Using these, you can type in your destination, and where you are flying from. They will then provide you with different hotels and airlines and the cheapest deals available. If you are not finding a deal within your price range, you can set price alerts within the Kayak app. The app will alert you when prices begin to drop.

Fly on the Holiday

As you may know, it is extremely expensive to fly around the holiday season. This is due to the fact that the major airlines know that many people will be flying home for the holidays. A way to avoid this is to fly on the actual holiday because the prices tend to drop. Although it is not ideal to fly on Christmas morning, it will save you money that you’ll be able to use to have fun on your vacation.

Carry-on Only

Many airlines allow one carry-on for free. This means that in order to check a bag, you have to pay a fee. Some airlines charge $100 per check on a bag. A simple way to avoid this is to bring carry-ons only. Airlines usually allow for a pretty decent sized carry-on. If you are traveling for under a week, you should be able to fit your personal items in one bag. If you are traveling with the family and need more space, try checking only one bag. This will allow you to save big bucks on a silly fee.

If you're still finding that you simply can't afford this dream vacation, you may want to take out a small cash advance. This will give you quick cash to book your vacation before the prices spike while still making your monthly payments.

Happy Holidays & Safe Travels!